“I am an Archivist”

Well, I’m not.
But once upon a time there was a high demand for archivists. I suppose some people thought it was a lonely life, all hidden away from society, playing with ancient stuff, and whatnot. Then one day a bunch of awesomely antisocial nerds went “HEY! That sounds like sexy career!” And they proceeded to corner the fuck out of that market. Now everyone wants a piece of it. “I want to be an archivist.” “I’m hoping to become an archivist.” “I am an archivist. Intern.” I heard this over and over again in my Reference class. So much so that my inner Johnny Rotten was starting to rouse. Maybe I, too, could become an Archivist. Or maybe not. I still “don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it.”




    1. I did some archiving during a summer internship and it was a good time. I just had no idea so many of my classmates were gunning for it. I fear graduation may go the way of Battle Royale for some of them.

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