Yes, you need a Masters for that.

I’ve recently entered the world of GSLIS, and so far I’m in love. It’s a strange and exciting thing to be surrounded by so many people with similar interests. The statement “I want to be a librarian.” always invites educated conversation (my favorite kind). Never ridicule, or a bombardment of silly questions like “you actually need a master’s degree for that?”

Beginning midway through a semester already in progress was nerve-wracking. Fortunately, my classmates have embraced me as the Jon Snow of GSLIS. None of my questions go unanswered. And I’m well on my way to knowing ALL THE THINGS!



      1. When I was working on my first MA, the students were very competitive and almost back-biting. But my fellow MLIS students were all willing to share research and work together. I didn’t realize it at the time, but all that working together we were doing–hey, my research is your research, amigo–was training us for what we were going to be doing professionally.

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