Anonymous Love Letters

With only three classes left in this semester, it’s become very apparent on campus that stress levels are up and sleep is down. Coffee is flowing endlessly, and the smell of exhaustion hangs thick in the air. Personally, I’m crawling towards the finish line, when I’d rather be crawling into my blanket cave and sobbing hysterically. But alas, I am far too invested in my education to succumb to such trivialities. So instead, I pull myself together, put on some polka dot tights, and head into school to finish prepping for one of my final presentations.

While standing in line for my second coffee refill, the giant cafe window caught my eye. Over 100 envelops were hanging from it, and in front of it all was a poster. Clutching my coffee close I wandered over to investigate further.

FREE love letters for ALL!

I couldn’t help but smiling as I gingerly plucked an envelope from its string and plopped down in the sunshine to read my words of encouragement. It has been a particularly rough week of scrambling to finish assignments and attend meetings, all the while keeping up with my work and family obligations. So, I couldn’t have stumbled upon this display at a better time. As I tore open my envelope and began reading, I knew I had chosen the letter intended for me.


I wanted to hug the beautiful person who told me exactly what I needed to hear. Amazing how something so simple as a letter can change your entire perspective. I was so touched that I immediately shared my experience with some of my friends, who are also fighting the good fight that is adulthood. They, too, appreciated the concept! Some even plan to adopt a similar idea.  The world needs more anonymous love letters. I certainly plan to pay it forward. I implore you do the same!


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